Thanks, Seth, So Nice to Be Asked


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Seth Godin ImageI’m an alumni of a Seth Godin group, brought together about four years ago. It’s a group of women entrepreneurs who still talk to each other and support each other on a pretty regular basis.  Thanks, Seth!

About a week ago, we all got an email from Seth asking for alumni updates. He sent it out to the alumni of all his various groups. In less than one week, and in pure Seth form, he seamlessly released the results. You can find the results here.

Seth likes to talks about making a ruckas; giving yourself permission to make the ruckas and based on the results, his alumni are making a lot of ruckas!  And, I bet everyone, including me, was happy to be asked about the ruckas we’re making. It’s a fun word that means “making a disturbance or commotion.” With Seth and his groups,  I’ll add that we’re doing it ” with joy.”

-Sharon | Founder and CEO





#MagicAndMayhem: On Being an Entrepreneur

the #MagicAndMayhem

Speaking at NY (L-R: Linda Prince, Ann Buivid, Sharon Rowe)

Thanks to Tom Schmidt, Professor at NYU-PolyTech for inviting Sharon Rowe (our CEO & Founder), Linda Price (CEO, Ronin Enterprises) and Ann Buivid (CEO, The Lilypad Group) to speak and test a concept.  The three women talked about the #MagicAndMayhem involved in creating and running enterprises from zero to millions.  With over 75 years of experience between them, the room was captivated by the honest telling of their many successes and failures.

This speaking engagement is the first step to creating the #MagicAndMayhem platform where students, and the curious, can get “real” lessons from successful #womenentrepreneurs who are open and willing to talk about all of their ups and the downs.  Everyone loves to hear from the founder of SPANX and Sheryl Sandberg but they aren’t the only women out there with original ideas, making a profit in business while adding value to the market. This is a shout out, to the news media, to widen its lens.

Here’s what a few of the students had to say –

(the comments are taken directly from their anonymous post-class responses)

“Loved today. I thought it was going to be annoying and it was going to be just rich people we don’t know talking to us. But, it was a no bullshit environment that really spoke to me.”


“I don’t know where to start, but that was one of the best classes I have had so far in my years at Poly. So inspiring and informative! Hearing from real, confident and successful women entrepreneurs was an invaluable experience.”


“The most effective discussion/part of the class today for me, was when they were sharing their lessons learnt through their start up experiences. Especially the part about believing in having plans and magic at the same time.”

If you’d like to connect:

Please email or call 914-944-4556 x 101

#Pick it Up, Point it Out – a citizen’s campaign to call attention to plastic waste


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Pick it Up, Point it Out

Our CEO, Sharon, wrote a Letter To The Editor last year, when she was on Martha’s Vineyard. She was really upset by all the plastic litter she saw on the beach.  She submitted a letter and it was published online and in print! That’s when she realized how easy it is (and important) to voice your opinion publicly!

It’s easy for you to do, too – Here are the steps.

You see plastic waste.  Pick it Up. Take a photo. POINT IT OUT!

USE THIS AS YOUR “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” TEMPLATE. Copy, personalize and submit to the EDITOR at your local newspaper, online or in print.Google “your local news source name + letter to the editor submissions.”  You’ll get the contact info right on line.

NEW! Organic Nut Milk Bag – 4 Marketing 101 Tips


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Creating a new product and marketing it doesn’t need to be that hard.

Follow these four steps and make it a little easier.

Nut Milk with almonds and cashews

Healthy and affordable nut milk is easy to make

1. Before you create a new product, listen to your customers. The emphasis is on customers – plural – not just a single customer!  A single customer may have some valuable insight but it doesn’t mean it’s the “right time” to introduce something new. When a single customer talks to you, listen, begin to assess the supply and demand. When more customers ask for a product and one customer is super excited and can articulate that the demand is building, then it’s time introduce the new product.

2. Find core groups (check out the tribes that Seth Godin talks about) who are leading and driving demand. Google them. Talk to them. Let them know what you’re doing. For the ECOBAGS® Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag, we’re finding people who make their own – the DIY community. We’re tapping into groups who will enthusiastically embrace and share what we’re doing….people who are health conscious, vegans, vegetarians, non GMO supporters…the list goes on and on.

3. Focus on delivering value to the communities you engage with sampling programs like “Try Before Buy.” This will get people talking about you.

4. Have fun and enjoy the process.


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