Bag Turkey Dressing For Thanksgiving


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Did you know? You can use an organic cotton produce bag to hold the stuffing in your turkey.

Check out Serious Eats discussion of Alton Brown’s recipe for the full scoop. Think turkey stuffed with cherries, pecans, mushrooms, sage from your local farmers’ market! Savory turkey dressing and a perfectly cooked turkey.

Happy, healthy and eco-friendly Thanksgiving to all!



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bringing my own lunch

bringing my own lunch

Part of my BYO practice is bringing my own lunch. What I know is that when I don’t make my own lunch I wind up going to the local deli where I am confronted by a wide array of foods I don’t really want (in single use packaging which I really don’t want). When I #BYO_lunch  instead of spending $5.00-$10.00 on food I don’t want, I spend 5-10 minutes in my kitchen making something I look forward to.

This lunch happens to be a white bean and arugula salad with some garden fresh asparagus, goat cheese and finished with #MVSeaSalts. OK, so I know some of you will say you don’t have time for this. Here’s my secret – Over the weekend, I make sure I have the food I want for my lunches during the week and I allow for “left overs” from dinner for a day or two. I make the beans, buy or grow the salad and purchase the cheese. It take a little bit of planning but I get great food, save roughly $25-50 bucks a week and create zero waste.

Do you #BYOLunch?: Talk about what you do

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#Spotted! ECOBAGS® in Staunton, VA


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Spotted! ECOBAGS® in Staunton, VA

Tell us when and where you see ECOBAGS®. We love it when friends and fans send us pictures and alerts. This one was sent by Wendy K. She saw our products in #Cranberries Grocery in Staunton, VA. Thanks Wendy and thanks to Cranberries, too!

Send ECOBAGS spotted to Thanks!


3 Reasons Why We Love Organic Spa Magazine!


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 -Written by: Toro AdeyemiECOBAGS® Brand Advocate

Did you pick up this month’s Organic Spa Magazine?

Here are 3 Reasons Why We Love Organic Spa Magazine!

  1. The travel! Whether it’s to a spa on a beautiful island or to an African safari, the images and interviews transport us momentarily to another beautiful realm
  2. The products! Can’t make it to the spa? Check out some of the various creams, oils, lotions, and more to pamper yourself and your loved ones!
  3. The food! So delicious looking and made with natural ingredients — the seafood paella, the blackberry sorbet… we want it ALL!

Have you purchased this month’s Organic Spa Magazine?  Check out page 23 for our feature!



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