3 Tips For Creating Give-Aways With Lasting Impressions


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We know that this is not what you intended when you decided to spend hard earned cash on a custom printed bag give-away…

bag-in-trash ecobags

This is a photo taken at an event. This bag ended up in the trash less than a minute after it was given to a potential customer. We know. We were there.

Whether it’s for business (promotional give away for a trade show or convention) or something for wedding guests, you’ll want this gift to last and be seen hundreds, if not thousands of times.

Here’s What’s Important:

(We’re all about custom printed bags, and this applies to any type of give-away)




1. It’s about them, not you. What will your customers enjoy using over and over and over and over?  Think useful daily and so attractive that the item will be their first choice. While working your branding into the product is important, a custom printed tote bag is only valuable to you if your customers are in love with the art or the message on the bag.



2. Create the connection. Do your customers, fans or friends love the outdoors? Do they love food? Are they political and love to carry messages? Find the connection between you and them and create a graphic or message that articulates that.

We started creating custom print tote bags for WNYC Radio a decade ago. Thousands of WNYC bags are toted around the city daily. We know, because we see them all the time and our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest friends send us photos!


Posh Goes a Bit Eco




3. Give quality. “Ten minute toys” are so last century. The focus is back on things that last. Durability is in. So, think about long term visibility and interactions. The more times your customers see & use what you give them, the more you’re building a bridge with them.



Learn More:

7 Things to Consider When Ordering Custom Printed Bags

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Feeling ready to create a great give-away? Give us a call  800-720-2247 or send us an email: info@ecobags.com. We’re here for you!

Natural Products EXPO WEST – Meet ECOBAGS® CEO and Founder Sharon Rowe


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Expo West LogoAnd we’re off…Heading to the Natural Products EXPO WEST in sunny California March 6-7-8. This is an industry show for the natural products trade, but we think everyone should know about it. This is where so many healthy brands begin.

Here’s where you’ll find ECOBAGS®

  • Threshold Distributors Booth # 1826 (side2)
  • Frontier Booth # 3831
  • Select Nutrition/Honest Green

We started doing these shows 20+ years ago. Sharon, our founder, did them with her mom and dad.

sharon 20 years ago mom and dad

20 Years Ago! Expo West Booth – CEO and Founder Sharon Rowe with Mom and Dad.

Eco-Bags Products was the first reusable bag company, first custom print tote bag …the first bag company of any kind on the trade show floor! Natural Product Retailers would walk by and ask (and we’re not kidding!) “why offer reusable bags?” This was waaaay before the reusable bag movement took hold (it’s even way before Whole Foods even existed)

ECOBAGS® was the first brand to make bags in certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, producing responsibly and sustainably and,  the first to introduce classic string shopping bags and reusable produce bags (1999). When customers asked for custom printed bags we added cloth and canvas totes of all sizes, all produced with fair wage and labor.

So, if you’ll be at the show too – MEET UP WITH SHARON – tweet @ecobags #meeupexpowest, call or message her on linkedin

Sharon will be on the floor, walking and talking to current customers as well as spending time in the Threshold Distributors Booth # 1826 (side 2). You can also see ECOBAGS® products in the Frontier Booth # 3831 and get info from Select Nutrition/Honest Green Distributors, too.

You can meet up with Sharon at the many Bcorp parties on the floor and off and at the Organic Trade Association Dinner on Thursday night.

If you want to meet up and talk with Sharon, give her a call or send a tweet @ecobags, #meetupexpowest. Great and unexpected things can happen at these shows.

“Let’s meet up, chat a bit, dance a bit and create the change we want to see in the world.”


7 Things to Consider When Ordering Custom Printed Bags


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150123 EcoBags Attachm2

(we tried to make it 5 things but there’s more to consider…)

Custom printed bags are a great way to build brand awareness and loyalty. Done well, a custom printed bag, will become someone’s favorite accessory traveling wherever they go, sparking conversations and creating impressions for years.

  1. Not all bags are alike. Just like t-shirts, tote bags come a variety of sizes,shapes, fabric types, weights and quality. You put a lot of time into creating your event so producing a  bag that your customers “love” and want to use is the best way to go.
  2. Work with someone (yes, a real person) to pick the right bag for your artwork. The bag you choose will be the “canvas” for your marketing effort.
  3. Feel the bag. We’re not kidding. Get a sample of the bag you want and feel it. Make sure the bag communicates what you want to say with your brand.
  4. Create and submit artwork properly. Here’s a guideline for vector art. Make sure your art will look fantastic and revise it if needed. A good company will tell you if your art looks good and guide you if it doesn’t.  Screen printing is a craft and can yield amazing results when done right.
  5. Pick your print colors.  Use the Pantone (PMS- coated) book to choose your colors.
  6. Choose eco-friendly ink. There’s no reason in 2014 to work with inks that are toxic.  Keep our waterways clean and create great art for your bags.
  7. Let the custom printed tote bag you choose, speak for you. By choosing a bag brand that has style and values that are important to you (responsible & sustainable  production) you will add value to your brand.

Find out how a quality custom printed bag can carry your message for 1000’s of impressions.

How to Focus on Gratitude


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Husky 2014
How to Focus on Gratitude

During the holiday rush we find it helpful to stop and appreciate the abundance we are surrounded with. While it’s easy to get swept up into shopping frenzies, faced paced social calendars, and events taking a step back and truly connecting with what we love makes each day richer and more fulfilling. The more we fill our time with thoughts of what we love the less we need to fill our space with objects we may not need.

How do we focus on gratitude?

1. Make a list

Creating a gratitude list every morning is a great practice for cultivating appreciation. The more we appreciate the more we see to appreciate. Many people start with ten items.  Some find it hard to fill this list the first time. Some can’t stop writing.  Ten can be a manageable number and keep the task brief and doable daily.

2. Check it twice.

Reviewing lists over time will help spot trends.  Certain types of people, situations, events, and other things bring us joy.  Reviewing our lists over time can bring out a theme of what makes us happy.  The more we know about what works for us the easier it is to spot it and bring that type of happiness into our lives.

3. Consider what it is about particular people that we love or find nice.

After reviewing lists over time try to break down the happiness into qualities. As people, situations and fortunes change qualities stay the same. Seeking certain qualities in new situations can generate long lasting a durable happiness.

We’re grateful for our customers’ commitment and shared vision of cleaning up the planet one bag at a time. Yes, because it brings business, and also because we are in the business we truly love fulfilling a cause we believe in. We also get the joy of connecting with so many true thought leaders and movers and shakers. This makes every day a joy and adventure.

Thanks you for being a part of ECOBAGS® community.

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