3 Reasons Why We Love Organic Spa Magazine!


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 -Written by: Toro AdeyemiECOBAGS® Brand Advocate

Did you pick up this month’s Organic Spa Magazine?

Here are 3 Reasons Why We Love Organic Spa Magazine!

  1. The travel! Whether it’s to a spa on a beautiful island or to an African safari, the images and interviews transport us momentarily to another beautiful realm
  2. The products! Can’t make it to the spa? Check out some of the various creams, oils, lotions, and more to pamper yourself and your loved ones!
  3. The food! So delicious looking and made with natural ingredients — the seafood paella, the blackberry sorbet… we want it ALL!

Have you purchased this month’s Organic Spa Magazine?  Check out page 23 for our feature!


Grow! Not Mow!


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honey, can you get some greens from the store - I mean front yard...

honey, can you get some greens from the store – I mean front yard…

Seriously, what could be better than getting freshly grown veggies from your front (or back) yard? This yard isn’t big – only 20′ x 80′ and we grow enough food to go thru middle October or so. If you don’t have the yard space, think about sharing a public garden with friends. If you grow it yourself, you don’t have to buy it packaged. Think about the zero waste aspect, too!

#Buzzfeed, Thanks for the Love!


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ECOBAGS® featured in #buzzfeed. How cool is that!

Hey, Whole Foods – carry more ECOBAGS®!  

17 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know About Whole Foods

BUZZ FEED SLIDE # 17: Finally, Whole Foods stopped offering plastic grocery bags on Earth Day 2008.

The company saved 150 million bags in roughly the first year after.

#buzzfeed features ECOBAGS® Made for WFM Canvas Totes

#buzzfeed features WFM Branded ECOBAGS® Totes!

Want a graphic bag like this? Check out what we have in our store.

Did you know all ECOBAGS® products are: sourced sustainably, produced responsibly, washable, last up to ten years and, are 100% recyclable as a textile (when they finally wear out).






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