#Pick it Up, Point it Out – a citizen’s campaign to call attention to plastic waste


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Pick it Up, Point it Out

Our CEO, Sharon, wrote a Letter To The Editor last year, when she was on Martha’s Vineyard. She was really upset by all the plastic litter she saw on the beach.  She submitted a letter and it was published online and in print! That’s when she realized how easy it is (and important) to voice your opinion publicly!

It’s easy for you to do, too – Here are the steps.

You see plastic waste.  Pick it Up. Take a photo. POINT IT OUT!

USE THIS AS YOUR “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” TEMPLATE. Copy, personalize and submit to the EDITOR at your local newspaper, online or in print.Google “your local news source name + letter to the editor submissions.”  You’ll get the contact info right on line.

NEW! Organic Nut Milk Bag – 4 Marketing 101 Tips


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Creating a new product and marketing it doesn’t need to be that hard.

Follow these four steps and make it a little easier.

Nut Milk with almonds and cashews

Healthy and affordable nut milk is easy to make

1. Before you create a new product, listen to your customers. The emphasis is on customers – plural – not just a single customer!  A single customer may have some valuable insight but it doesn’t mean it’s the “right time” to introduce something new. When a single customer talks to you, listen, begin to assess the supply and demand. When more customers ask for a product and one customer is super excited and can articulate that the demand is building, then it’s time introduce the new product.

2. Find core groups (check out the tribes that Seth Godin talks about) who are leading and driving demand. Google them. Talk to them. Let them know what you’re doing. For the ECOBAGS® Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag, we’re finding people who make their own – the DIY community. We’re tapping into groups who will enthusiastically embrace and share what we’re doing….people who are health conscious, vegans, vegetarians, non GMO supporters…the list goes on and on.

3. Focus on delivering value to the communities you engage with sampling programs like “Try Before Buy.” This will get people talking about you.

4. Have fun and enjoy the process.

AWWWW – Totes for puppy naps


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Another use for ECOBAGS Totes

Another use for ECOBAGS Totes

Hoping to get some serious R&R this Memorial Day Weekend? Well, apparently this puppy got a jump start.  While we know our bags are super durable, responsibly made and great for shopping, napping on them is something new!

Thanks to Nicole Ashley of Burlock Interiors in Beacon NY who shared  this picture of her best friend snoozing. It made me smile.

I met Nicole at the SVI  – Social Venture Institute Conference in Beacon NY. She’s doing very interesting things with end lots of fabric for pillows and other designed goods. Check out what she has to offer.

The Company We Keep: Introducing Shawn Berry


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I was a featured speaker at the SVI, Social Venture Institute Conference at the Omega Institute last weekend (May 15,16). I was thrilled to be there and a little nervous as I entered the room. I can’t explain but it’s that feeling that happens before something new happens.

The minute I saw Shawn Berry, another BCorp certified business, I knew I was in the right place. The Company We Keep, is about celebrating people and businesses who do really good work. These are the people you want on your team to get started or to grow.  It’s a platform for connecting people.

Seeing Shawn at the conference, reminded me that, in business as in life, it is all about The Company We Keep.

I am pleased to introduce Shawn Berry of Lift Economy, a dynamic advisory business focused on working with social enterprises.

A few words from Shawn:

“I am a serial social entrepreneur with 2 decades of experience founding, stabilizing and growing organizations. In the past 5 years since launching LIFT Economy we have worked with 80+ social enterprises. After 18 years of doing this work in SF, I have recently moved to the NYC area to help expand this movement on the east coast.

I asked – What are you looking for?

I am looking to connect with other mission aligned companies who may benefit from our help with Vision, Culture, Strategy and Operational Systems. We work with clients who can benefit from an outside perspective. Our expertise comes from our own experience,  seeing common patterns of success and challenges across all industries.

Interested in connecting with Shawn?
For the Benefit of all Life!
Voice/Text: 415-407-8236
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