Our customers have given us many stories of how they use their EcoBags. We’ll list a few here and hope people add their own on this blog.

String Bags:
1. Great behind a stroller! They fit perfectly over the hand grips and keep expanding for all the paraphrenalia that goes with being a kid.

2. Hang one on a hook by the bathtub for all of baby’s toys. If there’s room, use it to keep bottles off the floor in the shower.

3. Use it at the beach. All the sand falls right though when it’s time to pack up.

4. Use them for storage. We keep all the different categories of winter gear in string bags. Gloves and mittens, hats and gators, ski goggles, whatever. It’s always easy to see just what’s inside the bag.

Canvas Bags:
1. Quick suitcases. Leaving for the weekend? Throw your stuff in an ECOBags canvas bag. Easier to pack in the trunk than multiple suitcases.

2. Storage for the basement, attic or garage. Take a permanent marker and commit your bags to a particular category.

3. Sleepover bag. Decorate one with your child, or use as an activity for his/her next birthday party (not recommended over age eight…).

4. Halloween! Fits a lot more junk than those plastic pumpkins.