We all do it… once you decide to commit to shopping with your own bags, you find yourself in the store without them, taking home dozens of paper or plastic ones. How to remember? This is what works for us.

For suburban and car shopping: Stuff multiple canvas bags into one bag and keep it in the car. You end up at the store and you already have them with you. So far no problem.
Important step #1: Remember to grab them as you leave the car!
Now you’re home and unpacking; as your groceries get put away, keep stuffing empty bags into the main bag.
Important step #2:With your bags ready to go for the next time, leave them near the door where you can put them in the car the next time you go out.

For urban and foot travelers: String bags are best. Throw a couple in your purse, handbag or briefcase. Especially useful for those spur-of-the-moment purchases when you would otherwise get a totally useless little plastic bag that’s only useful for leaving the store. As soon as you get home, take the item(s) out of your string bag, but put the bag directly back into your purse or briefcase. It’s amazing how simple it is, but how difficult it can be to put into regular practice!

An important thing to remember, urban shoppers: do NOT put the item in your string bag before you get to the checkout counter! Regardless of the fact that your item is fully visible and you are honest above reproach, it may not seem that way to the store owner.