Earlier this year our friends over at Heal The Bay informed us that LA County was close to approving legislation BANNING plastic bags. Unfortunately, the Plastics industry has launched an aggressive misinformation campaign against AB 2058, a bill designed to REDUCE single-use plastic bag consumption and litter in California.

AB 2058 is now stalled in Senate Appropriations Committee. But you can help put pressure on leadership of the Senate and Assembly to stand up to the Plastics industry and pass AB 2058 this year.

Please call the three Legislative leaders who can make a difference and urge them to support AB 2058 — here’s all you have to say (it should take no longer than 20 seconds):

  • Hello, my name is _______ and I’m calling upon the leadership of [Senator/Assembly Member] to get AB 2058 out of committee and moved forward to a full vote.
  • AB 2058 will keep my taxpayer dollars away from being spent on land filling and cleaning up plastic bag blight in my community.
  • AB 2058 will actually help me save money on my grocery bill because I will bring a reusable bag to the market and not have to pay the hidden cost of single-use bags that is currently embedded in the price of goods.
  • I urge you to keep this bill moving forward and pass AB 2058 this year.

Here are the three leaders to call:

Don Perata (Senate pro Tem) – (916) 651-4009
Darrell Steinberg (Senate pro Tem-Elect) – (916) 651-4006
Karen Bass (Assembly Speaker) – (916) 319 2047