Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company is a community-focused, socially-conscious, professional theater company located in San Diego, California. “Mo`olelo” is the Hawaiian word for “story,” and reflects the Company’s aspiration to tell powerful stories as diverse as the islands of Hawaii. Since their founding in 2004, the Company’s operations have always been labor-friendly, paying equity wages and health insurance to local actors and stage managers. And in 2007, as a natural extension of their socially-conscious operations, Mo`olelo researched and published GREEN Theater Categories & Sustainable Guidelines, a first step in identifying, implementing and exporting best practices for creating theater that does not sacrifice the environment and long-term health of our communities.

Keeping these values in mind, Mo`olelo chose to design custom ECOBAGS® to be sold at their performances. Learn more about why Mo`olelo chose ECOBAGS®, how the bags were designed and delivered, and how to get your own by reading Mo`olelo’s blog entry.

Check out Mo`olelo’s Seasonal Associate Producer, Shera Rosenthal, modeling one of these very special bags: