I am always encouraging customers to flex their creative muscles by breaking out their art supplies and decorating their ECOBAGS to match their own personal style. They really are the perfect blank “canvas” for expressing your aesthetic, color scheme or opinions on just about anything. But up until a few days ago, I’d never actually taken pen to bag myself!

ECOBAGS Intern Amy is known around the office for her signature “style.” Leggings, cowboy boots, neon tee’s – she has no fear when it comes to expressing her personality through her clothing and accessories. So before she sailed her loaded minivan off to college this morning, Raya and I decided to wish her well with a customized ECOBAG! Amy’s been talking about a Zombie bag for months now, so Raya and I decided to make her bag dreams a reality. All we had to do was invest in a pack of multicolored Sharpie markers (which happened to be on sale anyway) and get to town on a blank EveryDay Tote. Check out the resulting totable art (and grateful intern) below.

Now Amy has a piece of us to take with her to college and a handbag that lets all her new classmates know just how Zombie-crazy she is.

Get your own creative juices flowin’ on an ECOBAG today and be the talk of your own town, school or Zombie Club.