The Anna Sui show was a pretty cool Fashion Week feature for ECOBAGS. We were also privileged to have our bags (as bags this time) at the Fashion Week show of designer Susan Cianciolo. Her designs are beautiful, soft, feminine avant garde pieces and best of all, they’re eco-friendly! Susan’s designs employ reclaimed and organic fabrics.

Several of us from the ECOBAGS team had the honor of attending Susan’s fashion show set atop a gorgeous rooftop in Manhattan. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and the setting was serene, creative and awe-inspiring. Every audience member walked away with their very own ECOBAG and, if they’re anything like me, a heightened awareness of the possibilities of fashion.

Check out a few of our pictures below:

Susan Cianciolo’s design on the runway. (Look for ECOBAGS Founder and President Sharon Rowe and her daughter Eva in the background!)

The view from the square runway. Perched atop this grass mound were several live musicians setting the tone for the show. If you look closely you can see an ECOBAG on the chair of every audience member’s seat.

The view from the rooftop. Such a beautiful day for an outdoor, eco-friendly fashion show!

Thank you to Susan Cianciolo and the Seventh House PR team for including ECOBAGS as a part of this incredible show. We are honored to partner with designers who share our ideals of sustainability and beautiful design.