What I love about Public Television is not just the cheesy, 80’s-esque travel documentaries, but also the sense that anything they explore, review or instruct on is pure and honest. I never find their shows to have any hidden agenda or marketing undertones. When they want money, they ask for it plain and simple. And I appreciate that.

America’s Test Kitchen is one of my favorite Public Television shows because they give me the simplest sureproof ways of making classic recipes and review products from a place of non-bias. When they say a can-opener is the best, it’s because it has superior can-opening abilities. This past week I watched an episode where they reviewed dishwashing liquid and it was actually much more interesting than it sounds. Of the ten or so soaps they tested, two were considered eco-friendly – Method and Seventh Generation. Of all the soaps, even the classic brands like Dawn and Ivory, Method came out the winner. The Equipment Corner Guru explained that it was due to it’s high concentration of surfactants in the brand. In the Method soaps, these happen to be vegetable-based surfactants, while in the other brands they tend to be petroleum-based. Either way, it was the concentration rather than the origin of surfactants that had the greatest effect on dishwashing superiority.

So that’s probably more about dishsoap than you ever cared to know, but the reason I bring it up is to share my elation that a green product can win on all fronts! Not just planet friendliness, but also effectiveness and pricepoint (Method is about $2.99/bottle). I love it when a green product excels at more than just being green. You can bet the next bottle of liquid detergent I buy will be Method’s Go Naked soap.

Thanks Public Television!