…we have to ask ourselves what the true measures of “success” are.

According to the DOW, we’re failures. Well, maybe that’s a bit harsh. But now that the traditional measures of success aren’t looking too hot, it’s an opportunity for us to re-evaluate the standards by which we measure “true progress.”

That’s exactly the business of the folks at Redefining Progress. Make sure to check out their Genuine Progress Indicator. Their calculations are based on untraditional and intriguing factors. The one I found most interesting was “Changes in Leisure Time – As a nation becomes wealthier, people should have more latitude to choose between work and free time for family or other activities. In recent years, however, the opposite has occurred. The GDP ignores this loss of free time, but the GPI treats leisure as most Americans do—as something of value.”

While you’re there, check out the Ecological Footprint Quiz and figure out how you can single-handedly improve the GPI of your homecountry.