Sure, the 3 R’s are all related, but which of the children is the favorite?

When it comes to single-use bags all 3 of the R’s are possible actions. You can reduce your consumption of plastic bags, reuse them for multiple uses or recycle them into new goods. However, there is some controversy regarding which is the best form of action for plastic bags in particular and for consumable goods as a whole.

In many cases it’s a matter of a personal preference. People may take into account their budget, their number of reuses for a plastic bag and the availability of local recycling programs. Recently, several city governments have decided to step in and choose which route is right for their citizens. New York City has started one debate right here in our own backyard but the trend is spreading across the country.

Unlike the proposed NYC Plastic Bag Tax, Councilman Mike DuPont of Redbank, New Jersey recently approached the issue by proposing an ordinance for the recycling of plastic bags. We found this interesting article, “Council Biz: Still No Bag Law” at addressing the various stakeholders’ views and possible courses of action for this issue. Make sure to also take note of the commentary made by our VP of Marketing and Fun, Ellen.