We’ve had lots of customers calling lately to tell us that they are giving ECOBAGS® as gifts this Holiday season. But who wants to wrap an eco-friendly gift in single-use wrapping paper? When it comes to Holiday wrapping, I’ve found two ways to not only conserve waste but also cash!

Option #1 : Use the present as the wrapping!

Don’t spend money on single-use wrapping paper when the gift itself is beautiful and wrap-worthy! Give a gift wrapped in a bonus gift of a reusable bag or give the gift of reusable bags IN a reusable bag! I performed some eco-friendly wrapping experiments myself here at ECOBAGS HQ. Check ’em out:

Box wrapped in a reusable produce bag! Buy ’em blank and decorate them yourself. Your friend will think of you warmly every time they purchase veggies.

Box of chocolates wrapped in a colorful string bag! This one works for attractive-looking boxes that don’t give away what’s inside. The handles make the gift easy to tote. And it’ll definitely stand out from the crowd!

And my personal favorite is the ChicoBag wrapper! I used a red ChicoBag to wrap and secured with a ribbon. Then I clipped a green ChicoBag to the ribbon. Festive, no?

Option #2 : Recycle Holiday decorations, fabrics and scraps into wrapping paper!

This option was inspired by my good friend, Lael: “I think it may have been that it was always my father who was stuck with the task of dragging the bags of wrapping paper out to the trash the day after Christmas, or maybe he saw some festive cloth in a craft store and had a vision of the future, but it was he who decided 10 years ago, that enough was enough, gift wrap was out and reusable bags were in.

With patterned fabrics, fancy ribbons, and the vision of an artist, he set to work. And from his frenetic and feverishly paced sewing emerged Christmas bags. The first year he custom fit all the bags to the gifts. A rolled poster was covered by a long and skinny shift, new ping-pong paddles outfitted in a circular getup. We developed a new routine for opening presents. Untying a ribbon doesn’t take too long, instead we feel the gift through the bag, guess at what it could be, and then open the gift. It might not be as exciting as ripping off paper, but there are invariably presents whose shape cannot be contained by mere bagging, gifts from members outside of the family, and at the end of the day, looking at a pile of cloth that will be used for years to come puts us all in the Christmas spirit.”

Check back for Lael’s Christmas Bag photos at the end of this month!