Our customer, Cathy of Daydream Imagery LLC, runs a digital printing business in Jackson, Wyoming. She takes photographs of the beautiful scenery and wildlife in Wyoming and prints them as large format fine art prints for folks all over the country. Cathy has now started printing on ECOBAGS®:

“I recently ordered some ECOBAGS® thinking that I could print my photos on special cloth, fray the edges and then stitch them on the ECOBAGS® with pretty embroidery thread. They turned out really nice. The ECOBAGS® are sturdy and made out of organic or recycled cotton so folks love them. The photos sewn on are nice and folks seem to really like them. I am awaiting my next order of bags so I can make one with each of my images. I have also ordered the cute little lunch bags and I’ll put prints on them too. I have a couple of holiday fairs this season and I hope to sell a lot of the bags. I just started making them and I have had great success!”

Take a look at her wide array of beautiful designs in her public textile galleries.