10 Easy Tips For A Happy And Green 2009!

1. Commit to sustainability. If you forget your reusable bags in the car go back outside and get them. It’s a little extra exercise and it will help you remember next time!

2. Eat fresh & local. You will save money and help your neighbors. Not to mention, it’s better for you!

3. Hydrate wisely. Drink your water from the tap (filter when necessary) and carry a reusable, BPA-Free bottle – this will cut down on your plastic waste and the water is better for you!

4. Caffeinate wisely. Bring your own coffee mug to your favorite coffee spot – you’ll be cutting down on waste and most shops offer a discount! Cheers!

5. Bank better. Do your banking online and elect to receive e-statements – cut down on the time you spend opening mail and save some trees!

6. Refuse unnecessary paper. Press “NO” when asked at the gas pump or ATM if you’d like a receipt – there will be less trash in the car and you can keep saving those trees!

7. Recycle. If you don’t already recycle, start recycling your newspapers, mail, magazines, boxes, cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastic! Your community probably has a recycling center so use it!

8. Plant a garden. All natural flowers and vegetables are a great way to give “free gifts” and feel neighborly. They taste and look great, too! Added Bonus: Watering and weeding the plants is a great stress-buster!

9. Get involved. There are dozens (sometimes hundreds) of local volunteer opportunities for you to help your community. If you don’t know where to go or what to do you can always ask your local town hall!

10. Get political. Learn about local issues by starting conversations and asking questions; know the facts before you vote – make it count!

* These Green New Years Resolutions are Property of ECOBAGS® and www.ECOBAGS.com. If you choose to use any or all of these Green tips for any public form of media please be sure to give proper credit. Thanks and have a Green New Year!