If you thought ECOBAGS were just for granny’s groceries, think again! I can only imagine what these amazing women carry in their ECOBAGS, maybe their roller skates…extra fishnets…mascara…and the limbs they’ve torn off that day. This photo of the NYC Gotham Girls Roller Derby team is possibly the coolest photo of ECOBAGS in action I’ve ever seen.

According to gothamgirlsrollerderby.com, “Gotham Girls Roller Derby, a skater-operated not-for-profit organization, is New York City’s only all-female roller derby league, comprised of strong and independent women from the world’s biggest, baddest city.” For more info on what roller derby actually is (Hey, I had no clue. Now I wanna join!) check out Gotham Girls’ About page of their site.

Keep on rollin’, ladies.

Blogger’s note: I’ve been informed that GGRD is the #1 roller derby league in the nation with a 12 game winning streak! Pretty sure the bags have something to do with it.