Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM we declared “Fun Time” for all Eco-Bags employees and I was put in charge of supplying the Fun. If you know anything about the Eco-Bags crew, you know we like our fun and we like it eco-friendly! So I decided to have everyone make Valentines…from the items in our recycling bin! Luckily we keep forgetting to take the bin downstairs so there were lots of items to choose from.

Here are some of the heartwarming, recycled greetings we created:

This is the front and back of mine. I will give it to my dog, Rocky, or my Mom – I haven’t decided yet. They both “warm my heart like soup.”

Fraser’s is like a hidden Valentine’s treasure. Apparently he thought of the same soupy simile.

Ann and Sharon took a more traditional heart-shaped approach. Both gorgeous.

Encourage your friends to make use of your trash today! It could lead to a very fruitful (and frugal!) Valentine’s Day!