When it’s finally time for that oh-so-important wedding toast, most orators are more concerned with avoiding the million and a half ways they might offend their new mother-in-law rather than the ways they might offend Mother Nature! Some people feel that alcohol is the last thing in their lives they’re going to green – it’s discretionary, it’s social, and hey, if you’re that concerned about it just don’t drink it. But it’s quite easy and painless to make green alcohol choices (aside from absinthe) so why not jump on the bandwagon?

As with many consumables, the environmental issues associated with alcoholic substances include: organic/non growing practices, locale and packaging. The first two issues are easily gathered from the bottle as it often tells the area of origin and will display any organic certification. Packaging is also plainly visibly but we often assume that since alcohol is nearly always sold in heavy glass containers it must be the only and/or best way. A NYTimes.com article posted yesterday, Making Wine Bottles Lighter … and Greener” claims that there are other options.

Clearly, there are innumerable ways you can make your wedding greener, and as we always say, somethin’ is better than nothin’. So, just like any successful spouse, any green wedding planner needs to pick their battles based on their commitment to the cause, time involved and hardship endured.*

*Disclaimer: Marriage advice provided by an unwed female in her early 20’s.

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