Last night we had to say goodbye to our dear friend and office mascot, Hudson. We will all miss the thumping sound of Hudson’s tail on the carpet upon our entry into the office and his resting head on our laps during meetings. He was truly a sweet, loving dog who was ready for a walk or a hike at the drop of a hat.

Hudson’s story is unique and quite fitting of ECOBAGS’ principle of making the best of what you have rather than buying something shiny and new. He was found on the streets of our town nearly 10 years ago and, at 5 or 6 years old, was definitely a diamond in the rough. He was aggressive at first, “tasting” a few family members, but the Rowe family saw his potential and were committed to rehabilitating him. After years of work and professional training, he became the best pet a family could ever want. He had finally found his pack among his cat-siblings B.B. and Rhythm, human-siblings Eva and Julian, and pack-leaders Blake and Sharon.

Our thoughts are with the Rowe family and all who had the privilege of meeting our dear mascot during his full and happy life.