Do your days ever have themes? My theme du jour seems to be “taking baby green steps” so let’s run with it.

The Berkeley Farmers’ Market just announced a ban of plastic bags and packaging as part of their Zero Waste campaign. Berkeley’s Bay Area brother, the city of San Francisco, has already banned plastic bags in large retail outlets city-wide and plans to follow suit with a ban at the SF Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market. One would think Berkeley, the unofficial capital of American environmentalism, would already be fully on board but hey, some things take time, people. Start with a farmers’ market, expand to a grocery store and eventually you’ve got the whole city going green.Takeaway: You may not be a city mayor but you may be involved in the operations of a farmers’ market, grocery store, scout troop, school group, book club or household, so start there! Your green actions can expand from there or simply be an example for others like you to emulate.

Read all about the Berkeley Farmers’ Market ban at The Daily Californian.

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