Did you really think I’d forget to mention that EARTH DAY is fast approaching? Around Eco-Bags Headquarters we consider April 22 to be our Christmas – it’s one of our busiest times of year as lots of organizations give out bags at their events and it’s our birthday! It was exactly TWENTY years ago when Eco-Bags was born at the 1989 Earth Day celebration in New York City. It all started with the Classic String bag and, if you take a look around our site, you’ll see that it’s expanded to become much, much more.

Last year we celebrated by dragging each and every Eco-Bags employee away from their computer screens and taking a hike around local Croton Point Park. It was a gorgeous day and we had our mascots, Hudson and Rocky, along for the jaunt. It’s a wonderful way to break the cycle of computer-phone-car that we often find ourselves in.

This Earth Day, I’ll be working from my new home office nearly 300 miles from the rest of the Eco-Bags crew. I plan to celebrate by taking a bike ride around my new neighborhood. You may not be able to tell by reading that sentence, but if you know me then you know it’s comical. I haven’t ridden a bike since the 8th grade. And actually it’s that exact purple and green middle school bike that I’ll be taking out for a spin. If I don’t force myself on Earth Day, I’ll just keep putting it off so it’s a good excuse to get out there for a ride.

Contrary to my first two examples, Earth Day isn’t JUST about forcing people to do things. Heck, if you wanna relax on the porch and drink a beer while admiring some trees, I’ll take it. For me, Earth Day is about reminding ourselves to think and care about Mother Nature. And however you decide to go about doing that works for me.

Feel free to share your Earth Day plans with us in the comments section.

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2008 Earth Day Hike

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