I was shopping today, with my canvas ECOBAGS, and saw where a large natural food store’s plastic bags went when they stopped carrying them — to Job Lot. As the cashier struggled with pulling them apart and loading up items we started chatting about CT’s proposed $.05 bag fee on paper and plastic. Surprisingly, all three women at the checkout were supportive of the measure, even though we were all shopping in a store known for deep discounts!

Each of the women owned or planned to buy reusable bags. We had a quick chat about canvas vs. non-woven polypropylene and I think they were all more inclined to buy the more durable, natural fiber bags (yeah).

They all confessed that their biggest obstacle is remembering their bags and one woman had a great suggestion. Keep ONE reusable bag on the front seat, folded neatly under your purse. That way, when you go into the store you’ll remember to grab the rest from the back.

This is a great strategy if you don’t have people in the passenger seat often (or backpacks being thrown in there or dogs jumping back and forth between the front and back…ok, TMI) and it’s a strategy I’m going to try.

I’m not bragging, but I have to admit I’m nearly 100% in the habit of bringing my bags now… and that feels good.

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