It’s been quite a week in plastic news, considering it was only four days. A report came out of Canada saying that reusable bags present health risks because of germs and bacteria. This is an interesting report and points to some important sanitary issues:

  1. Wash your reusable bags or disinfect them frequently. Leaving them in hot cars with food ick on them is going to breed germs and bacteria…which leads to,
  2. Purchase and use better quality bags that are made from canvas or other washable fabrics.
  3. If you have meat, fish or veggies, bag them separately.
  4. Anything that leaks should be in its own bag and if that bag gets wet, it should be washed or dried thoroughly before reuse.

Also in the news, estimates from China are showing that after one year of a ban on plastic bags, use is down by 66% or 40 BILLION single use bags. Single use bags continue to be distributed outside of the big cities but in China’s major cities, 8 out of 10 customers are bringing their own bags.

Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to impose a $.05 tax on bags is meeting with resistance from all sides, with some saying that the goal should be outlawing plastic bags (as they have in SF and many other municipalities) instead of making it a revenue generator.

The debates go on but change is happening. Stay tuned…

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