Sucralose in our drinking water?? YUCK. It’s enough of a challenge to read labels to avoid sucralose, saccharin and all the other vile sugar substitutes that are in everything from Juicy Fruit gum to baby carrots these days! Now we need to wonder if our drinking water has artificial sweeteners in it, too.

E-The Environmental Magazine’s weekly e-blast contained an article about findings in a German study. “This most recent study showed that the sweeteners are present in rivers and streams that receive water from sewage treatment plants. Additionally, water was tested after going through two different kinds of treatment: conventional wastewater treatment and advanced wastewater treatment by soil aquifer. The artificial sweeteners were found in the water after both treatment methods, suggesting that even the more advanced method is not sufficient in removing these pollutants.”

Do you agree that it’s a bit off-putting to have these additives referred to as “pollutants?” Does it occur to you, when you pour that last bit of Crystal Light down the drain that your friendly neighborhood trout are going to be ingesting it next? What do you think of this?

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