Humidity is settling in around me for the first time this year and I’m reminded of why I love summer; it forces me to slow down. I’m going to make a huge effort NOT to use the air conditioners in our house this year, to work before and after the heat of the day or choose a cooler corner of the house when it gets too hot.

We only have three window A/C units in our house and we’re fortunate to live up on a hill, across from a small mountain range, so we get a great cross breeze. On the most stifling days I have to use my office unit to keep my computer from entering the next world but other than that we’re going to try to tough it out…to use fans instead of A/C and maybe entertain covering the windows with shades.

What does this have to do with and our company’s commitment to reduce its impacts on the planet?

When we were at the LOHAS Forum, Hunter Lovins talked about the simple act of shutting down our PCs at the end of the day. I’ve always left mine running, based on out-moded behaviors from the early days of PCs. Hunter shared that if Corporate America turned off all the PCs that it leaves running at night it’d have the same impact as taking 11 million cars off of the road for a year. That’s just one thing that big business can do and a HUGE impact.

But that’s big business. The way I see it this whole conversation about “living lightly on the earth” starts with us as individuals. Right? I’m one of three ECOBAGS staffers who work from home on either a full or part-time basis. My decisions about how I choose to reduce my energy consumption are different from my co-workers because we live in different places & situations. The bottom line is that if we all make small changes they roll up to bigger impacts.

What are you doing in your offices this summer to reduce your carbon footprint? I’d love to get your feedback. Have you taken out the plastic water bottles and asked everyone to bring a reusable water bottle? Are you bringing your lunch? Walking to work? Let us know.

Time to shut down the PC :).

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