Safeway, a national grocery chain, has issued a big challenge in the high country of Colorado. Ski towns are competing against each other to win a $10,000 grant from Safeway for the local school system whose residents “can use the least plastic and the most reusable bags.” This is part of a larger effort called “Project Green,” run by CBS4 in Denver.

We think this is cool. Rather than give folks $.05 for each canvas bag they use the company is rewarding the community whose residents develop the habit of bringing their own bags, with the extra motivation of having it benefit the kids in the schools. We’re betting that parents are talking with their children about the promotion and asking them to help remember to bring their bags, too. And so along the way the kids are learning this practice, which we know leads to other discussions about packaging and how our foods come to us.

Kudos to Safeway and CBS4 for this great promotion and to the residents of Summit County, who are in the lead at the moment!

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