Tyler’s nine and he’s in fourth grade. When his class was doing a unit on recycling he had to pick a project to complete. His choice? A reusable bag made from a pair of blue jeans and one of his old t-shirts.

According to Tyler’s mom, Deb, “The project took approximately 3 hours to complete. Tyler really designed the whole bag (including selecting the materials we used), cut the fabrics, pinned together the pieces, etc. We helped mainly with the dangerous tasks — sewing machine parts (though he helped feed the material through) and ironing (for safety). Working with his mom and Amma (his grandmother), he cut a pattern, pinned it together and had his helpers assist with assembly and ironing.”

As for why Tyler chose to make an eco-friendly bag, he says, “This project will help reduce the amount of plastic bags and it is recyclable and can be used for years.”

We join Deb and Tyler’s Amma (his grandma) in being really proud of this project and his accomplisment! Way to go, Tyler!

Are your kids engaged in recycling projects at school? Let us know what you’re up to. We love to share this type of information. Send us an email at ellen@ecobags.com.

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