Chef Peter Berley of Brooklyn, NY has been a friend of ours forever and his most recent book,“The Flexitarian Table; Inspired Flexible Meals for Vegetarians, Meat lovers and Everyone In Between,” is a wonderful mix of recipes that bring everyone to the table with a smile.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Peter

var addthis_pub=”ecobags”;has generously shared his recipe for Basic Yeasted Bread Dough. We tried out this recipe for the “photo shoot” of our new Bread Bag and then ate the evidence with a variety of toppings. Such sacrifice!

So think bread this holiday season, given in our ECOBAGS Bread Bag. It’s an affordable, thoughtful and yummy way to say you care! AND, we want to hear about your favorite bread recipes. We’ll be happy to post them as they come in. Please send them to Thanks!
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