Thanks to MTV’s Real World DC, Bravo’s The Real Housewives of DC and the main man himself, President Obama, the District of Columbia has become the trendiest, hippest, place-in-transition to be. And our new $0.05 bag tax is just one more amazing new change to add to the list! We here at are always excited to see real progress that benefits the environment so you can imagine my overwhelming joy and pride to see this huge (maybe 7′ square?!) advertisement at the Verizon Center during the Capitals hockey game last night.

iLiana (my iPhone companion) tries her best, but in case you can’t read the smaller print it says: “Beginning January 1, 2010, District businesses that sell food or alcohol must charge you 5 cents for each disposable paper or plastic carryout bag.”

I love that the main message is about saving the river and showing that its a tax thats main goal is to prohibit you from paying it. It says ‘We value the environment over tax revenue‘…we just happen to know that hitting your wallet is an effective way of making you change your habits 🙂

Kudos, DC and especially to the District Department of the Environment!

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