What’s the fine line between sharing what we know (or think we know) and preaching? How many times have you seen a friend take a water bottle out of the freezer and think, “she’s not supposed to freeze those; BPA leaches into the water when the molecules slow down?” She should be using a reusable, BPA-free, stainless steel bottle.

The reason I ask is because I walked on that fine line with a friend today.

It was on Facebook. A pregnant friend posted that she had to get a coat of primer on the walls of her unborn baby’s nursery. My first thought was, “REALLY? Pregnant and painting?” My next was, “I wonder if there are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in that paint.” That’s stuff’s toxic – really dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn babies, right?

I felt like I should warn her, share what I’ve read and then I felt like a certain relative who insists on sharing all she knows whether it’s solicited or not :).

I took a risk. I went to Google, searched “Toxins in Paint” and found an excellent article on VOCs that I sent to her through Facebook in a chatty, “You might wanna look at this” way. I felt better, knowing that at least she was on notice that she has choices when it comes to paint, some more healthy than others. I didn’t preach; I shared.

So maybe that’s the lesson: Share and let others choose. Seems like a reasonable way to manage my “DANGER WILL ROBINSON” tendencies and hey, what’s the benefit of working in this sustainability and healthy living network if I don’t share info about the good stuff and the harmful stuff?

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