Wind is so often taken for granted. We hardly notice it except for those few, lone instances whence we happen to be reading a Shakespearean sonnet or listening to a Patrick Swayze song and the breeze doth blow. Often overlooked, from time to time we are reminded that it can be a powerful force wreaking havoc in the form of deadly tornadoes and destructive hurricanes.

Though unable to be controlled, wind can be harnessed in some pretty amazing ways. Last week an article by Todd Woody over at explored the costs and benefits of transitioning a sizable portion of our nation’s power generation from traditional methods to wind power. Job creation, sustainable fuel sourcing and improved national security are just a few of the benefits mentioned by Todd Woody.

To me, the key takeaway is found in the last 5 or so paragraphs of the article when Woody explains Republican pollster Frank Luntz’s rebirth as a wind power advocate; Lesson: Sometimes you gotta spin it to sell it, and sometimes that mean spinning away from the environmental story. And hey, if that’s what it takes to get me my wind, then go ahead and keep those turbines a-spinnin’.

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