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Blake Rowe co-founded ECOBAGS with Sharon in 1989. He’s a frequent contributor on our blog and has been Sharon’s partner in this passion-inspired adventure since its inception.

One of Blake’s unique talents is the ability to write and arrange rounds that blend harmonies like the winds on the beach in the summer.

My family and I were among a group of very fortunate people whosang Blake’s rounds at a tiny summer family camp in Portland, CT. Our voices mixed with the wind in the trees, accompanied by Blake’s ever present guitar and encouragement.

If you’re smiling right now you understand what it’s like when children and adults sing together in harmony.

We hope you enjoy the simple, beautiful lyrics to “Hear the Wind,” which was written by Blake as a three part round. The guitar chords are

C-Dm-Em-F-C-G-C-Am-G (one measure each, then repeat!).

Here’s a link to download the recording:

Enjoy the wind.