We step into the month of February on “fire” with ideas. Fire conjures up so many images, from the flickering flame of a candle to the widespread ravages of wildfires out of control. From the molten core at the center of our world to the hot flame that makes chocolate fondue dippable. Fire, in all of its forms, is an essential part of our lives.

Fire’s associated with the heart (burning with desire) and the circulatory system (hot blooded), with appeal (light my fire) and with ambition (fire in the belly). You can BE fired and you can fire a piece of pottery. The word “fire” weaves its way through language in all languages; it’s temperature and taste, temperament and tint.

Join us as we explore fire. We’ll look at fuel and alternative fuel options, explore solar arrays and cover some “off the grid” stories. We’ll check in with Sharon & Blake to see what their heating and power bills are like now that they have solar on the roof and a pellet stove in the house.

And of course you’ll find recipes, folk songs and more to explore on our Celebrate Earth Day 40 page at ECOBAGS.com.

Let us know what you’d like to see covered this month. Or better yet, post your comments here or on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. The fire’s burning and we’re waiting for you to add some heat!

Speaking of fire, here’s a fabulous beginning point – an article from the Nature Conservancy about the important role of fire to ecosystems and what they’re doing in fire management.

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