Our customers have a great sense of humor. Check out this email from Leo in ME:

“Dear Eco Bag,

I have to say that your Green Bags are a big attraction. I’ve loved using them from the day I got them. I have also discovered that women love them and they are a great conversation starter. This was not my intent, my intent was to try to be more environmentally aware.

I do most of the cooking and also groceries. About 80% of the time when I go to the store with the Green Bag whoever is behind me (mostly women) at the cash comment on the bags…”Where did you get those?”, “I Love your bags”, “You’re smart to…”. It’s like having a puppy at the park. I told my wife the other day I may need to switch reusable bags not to draw unwanted advances. Think of the promotional possibilities.”

And so we did: I sent Leo a special code that he and his friends can use for the next month (FOL10 – you can use it, too) for 10% off of their purchases of bags and other reusables at ECOBAGS.com and he was just tickled!

He said, “My own promo, how cool.”

But here’s the kicker. Leo said,”I’ve always told my single male friends that the best place to meet people is at the grocery store. You can tell a lot about a person by what they have in their basket. And being “green” is certainly a plus. A six pack of beer in a “Green Bag” is way more attractive than landfill.”

We say, “Amen to that, Leo!” What do you think,friends?