I’m traveling to visit my parents this weekend and being the good daughter that I am, I’ve already obtained the perfect Mothers’ Day gift. But as my departure drew near I realized, No wrapping paper! I’m not against giving unwrapped gifts, but I had gotten a couple of larger items and a couple of smaller items and didn’t want Mom lugging around an armful of presents post-Sunday brunch.

It’ll be okay, I can run out to the store and still not miss my bus…AH the cats need to be fed…and laundry needs to be done! So I thought, what would Mom do? My mom, like all moms, is quite resourceful. My brother and I sported many a Halloween costume made of paper bags and yarn wigs and you should’ve seen the things we ate on “Clean Out the Fridge Night.” So, I used the resource I have aplenty – Eco-bags! Luckily, they’re also pretty attractive (unlike a yarn wig). Here’s the final result:

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out! This particular bag is the Cranberry color from our long-handle Earthtone string bag collection. I don’t mind that she can sort of see what’s inside. It saves her from having to be completely blindsided by the contents; “Oh, zucchini scented soap. How….lovely.”*

Thanks to all the mothers (and mother-type people) for blessing us with your love, your kindness and your resourcefulness. Happy Mothers’ Day, everyone!

*Yes, I really did buy my mother zucchini soap.

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