Sometimes we make mistakes. It happens. And sometimes we create “boo boo bags” as a result of the mistakes.

This year we custom printed some gorgeous ECOBAGS for Nancy’s Yogurt…the second time. The not-quite-perfect first batch of bags contained brand new, 100% recycled, full size canvas grocery totes and they arrived in Washington State at Springfield Creamery.

Now what?

We worked with the folks at Nancy’s to make sure the bags went to places where they’d be used and appreciated. Our Nancy’s contact, who agreed that these bags should be put to great use, recommended that half of the bags be sent to Haiti, through, to deliver medical supplies to earthquake survivors.

The other half of the bags were sent to the Long Beach Public Library system in Long Beach, CA. The serendipitous timing of their inquiry was amazing! Here’s what they asked:

“I was wondering if Eco Bags would be willing to donate any scrapped materials to Long Beach Public Library for our summer reading program? I noticed that Eco Bags does logos on canvas bags and we are doing a craft project at several locations where kids/teens can decorate their own beach bag. We could take your bags with mistakes/misspellings and use them if you are willing to donate?” Catrina

We’re thrilled to share one of several photos of the bags created by the teens in at the Bay Shore library this summer! Six libraries are giving these bags new life, with teens decorating the blank back sides, to be used as beach bags.

Thanks to Nancy’s Yogurt, for their interest in seeing that the bags go to good places and for underwriting the costs and coordination to get them from their warehouse to the group that left to do good work in Haiti and to the libraries in Long Beach! Thanks also to Catrina, the Youth Services Librarian at Long Beach Public Library, for coordinating the distribution and sending us the photos.

We love happy endings and these bags are SO cool.