We work very hard to provide the best customer service possible but every once in awhile you might hear us bark. Well, not “us” but our four-legged officemates. From Connecticut to Virginia, we sure do have a lot of ’em and we thought we’d honor some recent additions to the furry Eco-Bags posse by giving them some facetime.

First up is the head honcho herself, or well, her dog, CEO Sharon’s Honeybear aka Bear aka Princess of the New York office.

Bear fills a crucial role which is alleviating tension at the office and bringing generally warm and fuzzy feelings to us all. She replaced our much beloved Hudson who served as mascot for the office for many, many years and who is ever immortalized in our Hudson tote bag

Next is my recent addition, Kira, who’s just temporary because she’ll return to her post-honeymoon owners in 2 weeks but important nonetheless. As you can tell, she’s had quite a rough time making herself feel at home. Really. She’s stressed. Don’t you see it?

Then there’s Sophie and Kylie, sisters in crime, who run the New England chapter. They’re just too cute for words. Seriously, I’m speechless.

Finally, there’s Sammy who may be new to the team but who’s been mingling well with Bear and brings many years of wisdom to the table.

If you don’t currently have a furry friend in your office life, think about getting one! We love having our drooly, hairy, smelly friends around the office and studies have shown that dogs at work can ease stress. So what if there’s an occasional bark in the background, it adds “character.” And going for a walk can be a great way to clear your head and refocus on what’s important; Namely fire hydrants.