A time of change is upon us. Between election time, the changing of the seasons and the approaching holidays, I know I find my own attitude shifting towards the positive. We’d like to celebrate the positive change we see in our everyday lives and the larger world community by joining together in some “changespotting.” Simply post your photos of progress you see in your surroundings with a short caption describing (1) what the change is (2) where it was spotted and (3) why it’s important. Here’s one to get the ball rolling…

This photo is of solar panels our CEO saw in New York City. I, personally, have never seen panels displayed in such a way before. Usually people tend to hide or camouflage their panels but these are right out there, proud to be providing shade for their energy users! Yay for proud, green people!

We invite you to join us in celebrating positive change. If we can get 20 changespotting photos posted on the wall of our ECOBAGS.com Facebook Fanpage, we’ll send out a free “Simple Ideas, Big Impacts” tote to all 20 spotters. So get out there and see the change in your world!

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