The Holidays always make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, not just because I’ll soon be stuffed with stuffing, but also because it’s the perfect excuse to jazz up my surroundings and my loved ones’ lives with some festive crafts! We just debuted our new recycled wine and gift totes and they are absolutely perfect ways to dress up your hostess gifts or give the perfect present this season. But being a blank canvas and all, they’re just begging for some adornment. So I gave it a go!

In the spirit of being green, I elected to use old decorations, mostly from wreaths on their last legs, but did buy some new things that I thought would be really useful. I bought a fabric pen (which ended up dying after 2 uses) and a cookie cutter and ornament for some flair with purpose! I love giving gifts and decorations that the recipient will actually get use out of while still making for a beautiful presentation.

Things you may need:
– Marker or craft pen
– Random holiday decorations
– Fabric Glue
– Ribbon (I keep all ribbon I receive on presents and reuse it. Twine and string are great too!)
– Scissors
– A Holiday Spirit!

Here’s an easy one. I used the fabric pen to write “Cheers!” in a festive gold and used a fake grape cluster from my grape/wine/vineyard-obsessed days to top it off.

More of a champagne crowd? Scribble a “Pop!” and some simple graphics like these and you’ll be sure to get your point across; that point being, Let’s party!

Sidenote: The wine tote is very roomy and fit both (on their own) of the bottles of champagne in our cupboard just fine.

Wary of leaving a permanent mark on your wine tote? Then ribbon and ornaments are your friend! I love these little wooden ornaments because they’re beautiful as is or when colored in by a child. I top it off with a festive copper cookie cutter (behind ornament, same snowflake shape) and a bright red ribbon.

For the gift bag, I discovered that Coco Chanel really was right about everything but namely about removing one thing before you leave the house. In this case, I removed my poinsettia and the Gawdy Police thanked me.

Here’s a wine and gift combo I’d be proud to ring the bell with!

Finally, I decided to go all out and chop up one of those cheap stockings that seem to accumulate in my holiday decoration bin for some unknown reason. Where do they come from?! I cut off the foot (sorry Santa) and glued it to the bottom of the wine tote with fabric glue. Kinda cute!

If you’ve made it this far through my treasury of amateur crafts, kudos to you, and I hope you’re inspired to whip out your holiday craftiness and kick it into full gear. If not….we also offer custom printing 🙂