I’ve always felt sorry for people whose birthdays are close to big holidays. Mine is near Thanksgiving but it usually just serves to remind people how grateful they are for my birth 🙂 It’s the big year end holidays, like Christmas and New Years, that can really overshadow a good birthday celebration. I mean, it’s not like you can just forget it’s the holiday season, so when I can, I like to acknowledge both events simultaneously. And that’s what today’s craft is all about.

Wreaths are a great holiday decoration because you can make them out of just about any real or fake foliage and change their decorations whenever you want. I made this wreath for my boyfriend’s December birthday.

Can you tell what his favorite beverage is?

I made it by simply gluing twist ties from last year’s tomato plants to collected beercaps. And do you recognize the ribbon?

Some variations might be corks for a wine enthusiast, old computer parts for a tech geek or old film rolls for a movie or photography buff. It’s a great way to repurpose unrecyclable items.

Happy crafting!