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From Susan Gruber, at Our Lady of Peace Kindergarten in Columbus, OH.

I am attaching some photos of my students with their bags! Here’s how we did it:

1) We slid a piece of cardboard into each bag that I bought from you (our CAN 501)!
2) I squeezed permanent paint that comes in a tube on the hands of the children.
3) The children briefly rubbed their hands together and chose where to place the hands on the bag and pushed down.
4) I gently massaged their hands down to be sure to get as much paint on the bag as possible. I had a dishpan of warm soapy water nearby.
5) The children washed up, dried and chose another color until the side was complete.
6) We did one side of the bag one day and the other side the next day. The cardboard kept the surface tight and protected from a “bleed through.”

I began doing this three years ago. The mothers love them and they wash beautifully. They have been used for a yarn bag, pool equipment bag, a school bag for a teacher and of course a grocery bag! I searched and searched until I found one that was big enough to be useful and perfect for hand printing! They are each unique! The quality of the bag sets them apart!