Today is Aliana’s last official day with Eco-Bags. She’s leaving us to start on a new adventure that includes travel and exploration!

Aliana has filled so many roles that it’s difficult to describe how much we’ll miss her! We took a few minutes to pay tribute to her contributions and wholeheartedly thank her for her passion & commitment to “cleaning up the planet, one bag at a time.”TM

Aliana, at the core, has a genuine passion about the environment; she’s one of the people who sincerely challenged us to be true to the ideals of the movement. This extended to the odd practice of her selecting lunch for us at Mrs. Greens on Earth Day. It was always an adventure for us meat eaters. We were treated to vegetarian delights: grains, dumplings, burgers, vegetables and greens. Lastly, in an age where the internet generation types with their thumbs, she is one of the fastest touch typists I’ve ever seen. (Andrew)

What will we do without Aliana’s discerning eye and quiet humor? I am truly happy for her to be getting out into the world. I am sure she will bring her wit and her real love of nature and the planet to whatever and whoever she meets in her travels.

You can count on Aliana quietly (but vehemently) to remind us all of our environmental goals with a smile. We have missed her presence in the NY office while she worked remotely in DC. She has a wonderful writer’s voice and we hope to hear from her as she travels and explores the world out there. (Ann)

Aliana is a very skilled writer. Her fun, witty posts on our Eco-Bags blog and our Facebook page always captured the spirit of our company and reflected her love for the planet and authentically green products. She was a stand FOR brand integrity with regard to product selection and AGAINST adding trendy products with questionable value to our site.

Aliana is direct and practical, a person who walks the walk of reduce, reuse, recycle & rethink every day. I’ll miss Aliana as a really valuable voice in our company and an outstanding writer/partner who caught every typo and grammatical error in my work and made every piece better because that she enhanced it.

I know she’s off to great adventures and can’t wait to see where she lands next – she’s one smart cookie and a total sucker for a cute dog face, particularly if it’s a rescue pup! (Ellen)

Aliana – she came to us straight out of college brimming with enthusiasm and deeply committed to leading a life less-wasteful. She has been a beacon of truth, always honest and forthright with her direction and exceptional with our customers and brand. And..she can write. Aliana has a gift with words; weaving thought and thoughtfulness together with a clear and readable voice. I am sad she is leaving Eco-Bags but thrilled that she is going on a journey, both literally and physically, to discover all she can, traveling around the world. Aliana, you rock. (Sharon)

Aliana is conscientious and attentive to our customers’ needs. She has a very helpful tone when on the telephone and you can always count her to follow-up with an email. Her warmth and humor have been very evident in her blog writings. She is truly living the company motto of “Be the Change.”(Susan)

Go forth and prosper, Aliana! We’ll miss you! (And come back for the holiday party in 2011)