Plastic = boo.Nationwide, 21 communities have chosen to ban disposable plastic bags, those ubiquitous nuisances that get caught in trees, pollute rivers and streams, accumulate in giant “garbage patches” in our oceans, threaten wildlife when ingested, and even when “recycled” present a host of additional problems. Is it really “green” to ship plastic waste around the world to be recycled under toxic conditions by low-wage workers in other countries?

Whenever and wherever these bans have popped up – Oregon is considering a state-wide ban at present, while Evanston, IL is debating becoming the 22 nd city to ban them – the Big Plastic industry has been ready to wage misinformation campaigns, trying to persuade local citizens that plastic is somehow the better choice for bags.

Now Big Plastic has taken its campaign to a whole new level, actually SUING a member of our Green Business Network™ (and our good friends and business allies) for its marketing reusable bags as the preferable option. Check out Green America’s editorial on this topic below, and please share this news widely, on your blog, via Facebook and Twitter, and via traditional media. Submit this editorial to your own local newspaper for inclusion. It’s a message that needs be shared. Thanks!