I recently signed up for a program with our dry cleaner that makes me smile. They pick up and deliver our dry cleaning and it now comes home in this cool bag.

We paid $10 to trade wasteful, single use plastic bags and annoying staples for our very own clean bag! It travels back and forth with our laundry and the company takes back hangers, too.

Some might say, “why did you pay THEM for a bag when they’re saving the cost and effort of bagging each item separately?” That’s a legitimate question. In an ideal world they’d give me the bag or extra coupons for being a good citizen :).

My answer is, “because I can and because I want to reduce waste and teach our children about that, too.” This is a simple way to reinforce good actions on the part of a local company.

Next up? BPA-free register receipts (they use coated receipts that may or may not contain BPA) and bags made from more sustainable materials! One step at a time.

What simple ideas are you implementing to make big impacts?

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