Imagine my thrill when I got my New Yorker Magazine and on the very front page was a beautifully drawn illustration of a shopper at a farmers market using a CLOTH produce bag. We introduced reusable cloth produce bags in 1992 and almost twenty years later the concept made it to reality on the cover of a magazine that reaches readers worldwide. Yippee!

We called the illustrator, Peter de Seve, and got his permission to share this image with you. Check out Peter’s website to see his body of work, including familiar characters from the blockbuster “Ice Age.”

BTW – I asked Peter if he purposefully drew in the reusable cloth produce bag. He said he added it unconsciously! Now that’s amazing because it means he’s seeing people using reusables, he’s using reusables and we’re moving toward a world less plastic.

By Sharon Rowe, Eco-Bags Products Founder & CEO

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