Today we’re celebrating with our friend and colleague, Ann Bianchi Quota, who’s leaving our team to enjoy her family life and pursue her artistic career. Ann’s been with the company, formally, for 4 years but she and Sharon have worked (and played) together as founders/partners of the hugely popular Ossining Arts after school program for years.

We polled our team and asked them to bid adieu to Ann. Here are their thoughts:
Ann Bianchi Quota is moving on to the next phase of her life. She has been with ECOBAGS on and off for many years, and has been helpful to the growth of the company. Ann has really been a champion of the authentic holistic natural movement (before it realized it was a movement). She likes, no loves our customers. We can often overhear her making a one on one connection with a new wholesale customer on the phone.
Besides the sense of humor, I will miss arguing with her in a tongue in cheek way. Whenever I was sick, she often had a “natural” solution. I would resist taking it because it wasn’t made by some one in a “lab jacket”. We would chuckle and I’d give in.
Tutti i migliori ad Ann, Alberto e la loro famiglia. Arrivederci per ora.
Andrew D

It has been my pleasure to work with Ann these last several years. With her kind and gentle manner, she tries to bring a calmness to all situations, even incorporating Feng Shui to our offices. I will miss her vast knowledge of all things natural, homeopathic and ways to clean-up and protect our environment. I wish her health and happiness as she leaves to pursue new interests.
Susan U
Ann has worked with us since 2006, and more formally since 2008, but she’s been an environmental activist since her youth, growing up down river in Dobbs Ferry. Ann brought her love of the Hudson Valley and healthy living with her everyday to work, engaging and enjoying the customers she served and working to build Eco-Bags, a business she believes in. Ann works from her heart and she will be missed. She’s off on new adventures with her husband, Alberto and two girls, Clare and Sonja.
Sharon R

Since I first started at Ecobags, Ann had always been supportive, her “mothering” instincts kick in. Whenever I wasn’t feeling well, she would make me tea and offer me holistic medicine When I made a mistake, she supported and encouraged me to move on, and not let it bother me so much. I’m going to miss her very much.
Lisa P
Ann’s more family than employee. While I’m happy she’s moving on to spend more time with her husband and family I’m going to miss her warm, gentle spirit, her true love of the natural world and health. We’ve had a lot of fun together at trade shows, where she has been the ultimate ambassador for our brand and a true scout for new relationships & connections. Annie, enjoy your wonderful family and take a walk at the river for me! Hugs.
Ellen O

In the short time that I’ve known Ann, she has shown herself to be dedicated to her work and to the environment. She has a breath of knowledge of all things Eco-Bags! Her knowledge is thorough both with Eco-Bags products, its mission, and its “bear” of a computer system! (Blake’s description of Netsuite). She’s a natural at sales, because she really cares about and uses ECOBAGS products.

Sitting next to Ann I can guarantee that valuing sustainable practices is not just a part of Ann’s job but of her life. And it’s not just the overuse of plastics that Ann cares about – she also possesses considerable knowledge of environmental policy and laws, sharing that wealth of knowledge with our customers to help guide them in their decision making.

As a coworker, Ann is always there to guide and assist and share what she knows. She’s generous in lending support and guidance and tips for best practices. As artists, Ann and I share a visual learning style, so she’s been great at passing along tips for learning systems stuff too! My fondest memory of Ann is visual – I will remember her friendly eyes peeking through the gap between her computer monitors while I seek her advice and insight on one topic or other. I’ll miss Ann and wish her the best in her creative pursuits and future endeavors!
Susan A
Ann – I hope that you enjoy every step of your new life. Breathe it all in and seize each day.
Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more,
talk less, say more, hate less, love more, and good things will be yours.
Swedish Proverb
Dianne A

Ann – Sorry to see you go. I will miss your knowledge, expertise and passion for Eco-Bags … Best of luck in whatever you decide to do next.
Alan S

And although today is Ann’s last formal day in the office we know we’ll see her, play with her and advocate for the planet together. Onward, friend!