Ellen has been with Eco-Bags since, well, forever. She is our CEO, Sharon’s sister, so she has followed the company from inception to explosion. About four years ago, just about when ECOBAGS were featured on OPRAH, Ellen officially joined the Eco-Bags Team. She joined as VP of Strategic Marketing and Fun. The “fun” part always made people laugh when she handed them her card. Fun, however, is a great way to express how it was to work with Ellen. Ellen loves to connect and she used this energy to build and strengthen a community, or as Seth Godin would say, a “tribe” of people for ECOBAGS Brand; a group of people passionate about living in and creating a less wasteful, more abundant environment.

Ellen’s next venture is building her own company called The Next Peace (www.thenextpeace.com) where she will lead:

PEACE: People Energized To Actively Create Engagement

Ellen says – from her web- Moved by AHA moments, I lead respectful and engaging conversations about challenging and rich content. I teach concrete skills for improving communication and interrupting stereotyping and bullying behaviors.

Yea! for Ellen. She is moving forward and continuing to impact her environment!

We will miss her but she’s still related, so we’ll still be in touch on a daily basis.