No Mow

What happens when you say “yes” to your husband – educator turned farmer…master of the front and back yard? I’m talking about 20’x100′ front and back total not acres!

He, Blake, has turned away from MOWING to a NO-MOW way of life. Where once there was grass there are now blueberries, lettuces, collards, beans, squash and soon – Tomatoes (the queens of the season). Nothing is better than a freshly picked, still warm from the sun, tomato plopped onto sourdough bread, sprinkled with olive oil, a little salt and a basil leaf. Nada!

The neighbors? They are very curious. When will the pumpkins come in? Cool beans. Are those sunflowers? Can I eat those flowers,too? How can I do this?

What’s the impact? Fresh from the garden means fewer trips to the store and, if you love to cook like we do, minimal to no purchases of already made. We’re not fanatics but really, if you’ve made your own pasta and pasta sauce you know what I’m talking about.

Well it turns out there’s a whole Edible Front Yard movement going on.  Back Yard gardens are growing like crazy but putting it all out front now that’s really cool

Here’s a really cool video – Watch this and get inspired.

Enjoy your tomatoes!