Mary Jones Show

It was great to be interviewed by syndicated radio host, Mary Jones, today. We talked about the cycling trip I just did with Climate Ride and what it took to do the ride.  Mary asked me if I learned anything new. I said… I definitely reaffirmed some core values – that access to clean water and clear air is what everyone should have access to. That’s a core reason I started Eco-Bags in 1989 and starting bringing my own bags to the store. We all need to re-connect deeply to why we do the things we do… on a regular basis. It keeps the passion alive. You wouldn’t expect a fire to keep burning without adding wood, would you? It’s like when I bring my own reusable produce bags to the store I get to come home plastic free.

We  talked about what it takes to start in a new direction and how powerful words can be; removing “if,” “what if,” “should” and “I’m going to try” and, replacing those words with “I’m going to do…”  Dr. Wayne Dyer was on Mary’s show recently with a book “Wishes Fulfilled” which speaks all about this –  heading in the direction you want to. Lots of good stuff there.