What matters with a new venture or business is that you’re not adding to the clutter, the noise. You’re adding something of importance. But what does that mean exactly?

If you’re bringing a new product to market, which is what we did with ECOBAGS Brand 22 years ago, these are the things that we think are important. They keep evolving every day.

It matters that your products are produced by people earning a fair wage and are working in fair labor conditions. Lots of promises can be made, overseas and domestically, but it takes building personal relationships which includes meetings face to face to be sure these basic principles are in place. And, there are things like SA8000 certifications, production facility reviews, that can give you that added comfort of knowing everything is good. But you still need to be diligent.

It matters that your product addresses a real need and not a made up need. Now, this is a tricky one since everyone has different perceptions of need and want. You have to figure this out for yourself. My personal litmus test is can I use it multiple times? Does it contain only natural or organic materials? Who made the product and where was it made?