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It doesn’t need to be like this

California is about to create a whole lot of change! The ripple effect could be huge. IF AB 298 becomes legislation, there will be a state-wide ban on single – use plastic bags and “what is a reusable bag” will be more closely defined.  Here’s what  Heal The Bay and Surfrider, both non profit environmental org’s in CA,  have to say.

We are in favor of this bill passing but since we’re a NY co. cannot vote.

YOU CAN TAKE ACTION NOW – If you are a California resident: AB 298 must be voted on and passed by the Senate by August 31—that’s only a week away for your Senator to hear from you.

Here’s a letter you can use, if you live in CA, to write in support of AB 298.

The Honorable Assembly Member Brownley
State Capitol, 2163
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: 916.319.2141


Dear Honorable Assembly Member Brownley,

I support of AB 298. I believe this bill is good for taxpayers and businesses because single-use plastic bags are not really free. The costs are embedded in the price of our groceries.

The single-use plastic bag has a fundamental design flaw – it becomes windblown litter despite proper disposal. As taxpayers, we pay many times for this design flaw, especially in clean-up and other efforts to control and process these bags as they enter the waste stream.

This bill takes a poorly designed bag out of the marketplace and our watersheds. It gives the people of California the choice to pay for a bag or not. Currently, as consumers and taxpayers, we pay regardless of our usage. Again, single-use bags are not free and this needs to be fixed.

More importantly, this bill changes the question at the register to, “do you need a bag?” As demonstrated in Washington DC, more than 80% of the time, the answer to that question is no. This clearly shows that people do not value that which is free and that free, as seen in various other examples, is costly and creates waste.

California is a national leader in green jobs. There are at least 15 reusable bag companies based in California that distribute on a national or global scale. As the rest of the country follows California’s lead, California business is well positioned to benefit and continue to create jobs at an accelerated rate.

A statewide ban on plastic bags will also help businesses that currently have to comply with various municipal bag laws that make doing business in the state complicated. A state-wide ban not only fixes this problem but is supported by business organizations such as the Reusable Bag Association and the California Grocers Association, among others.

As a California resident I am in support of AB 298.