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ImageWe get a lot of requests to sponsor events and contests and all sorts of other events. How do we choose? Quite honestly, it’s really challenging because there are so many organizations and companies doing great work out there. What we look for is organizations that can reach out with messaging that is in sync with our core mission of, “cleaning up the planet one bag at a time.”

So, when Dani Glaser of Green Team Spirit came to us a few weeks ago with her Green Team Spirit Gives Back Contest, we knew we had a match. What this contest is all about is Green Team reaching out to non profit organizations and saying….We want to donate our time ($2500.00 worth of services) to help you green up your organization and create accountability so you can grow “green” moving forward.

What can this mean to a non profit organization that is probably resourced strained  and already doing the good-work? It can mean generating a lot of spirit through team-work to make the organization run more effectively, efficiently and healthier.

Green Team Spirit’s Assessment tools bring a review and checklist into an organization of the small to big things that can be reviewed and made “greener,” like changing up the bad smelling ( getting headaches!) toxic cleaners and swapping in less expensive, less offensive non toxic solutions for use. Or, a simple small step of stopping the purchase – use and throw- away of single-use coffee cups. When everyone uses their own ceramic mug things start to change in the office and at home. When you get used to using your own mug, you think twice about getting coffee to-go, especially if it’s in a styrofoam cup. And you will probably pause before buying produce wrapped in plastics. Taking the small steps usually leads to all sorts of day to day changes. Now, we all know these are things that we talk about wanting to change…but with Green Team Spirit these can be changes that really happen every day in the office.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Green Team Spirit Gives Back Contest. Step into the change lane.